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Holistic therapies are about reconnecting the mind and body in a relaxing, focused way.

With all therapies, the best results are reached when treated holistically. The mind and body are interconnected and to make one feel beautiful, the other should be taken care of as well.

The aim, at Kerry's Holistic Therapies, is to provide relaxation and spiritual healing. Daily life is intense and often hugely demanding on both our minds and bodies, so taking time to just close your eyes and relax has never been more important.

With this is mind, I tailor all my approaches to each individual. Whether a soft or hard pressure, or a recalibration of your energy; I work to each client's unique body. Before I begin any treatment, I carry out a consultation that includes a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Ensuring both safety and personal preferences are met.

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Holistic massage not only focuses on tense and stressed muscles but also takes into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It treats the body as a single entity and is specifically tailored to each clients needs.

Massage is a wonderful therapy for so many things. Whether you are look for some help with achey shoulders and neck, have problems with your lower back or would just like a deeply relaxing treatment then massage is for you.

My massage technique is based on Swedish massage. After my initial massage qualification, I have qualified in both Pregnancy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Before carrying out the massage, I complete a fully comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire to ensure that everything is taken into account, ensuring you the best possible massage.

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Reiki is a very relaxing and spiritual treatment. It promotes healing by the holding of hands on or over certain points on the body.

I will make you really comfortable and warm on the couch and play some very relaxing music.
I will then use energy work over your whole body. It is a very healing therapy that awakens your spirituality and reconnects your mind and body.

I will spend about 5 minutes in each position. The full treatment will take about 45 minutes.

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Before starting the treatment I will complete a consultation which will include health and lifestyle questions and details of your current skin routine.

I will start by cleansing your skin. I use a natural, vegan range of products by Tropic which, as well as being really effective, both feel and smell delicious. If you are wearing make up I will repeat the cleansing step to clean the skin properly.

Following this I will steam your face for about five minutes to ensure that your pores are open. I will then use a gentle exfoliator all over your face to ensure that any remaining make up or blockages are removed from the skin.

The next step is a facial massage which is a natural anti-aging face lift massage. It is great as it works all over your sinus and pressure points- perfect if you suffer with your sinuses or are recovering from a cold. It also works over the back of your shoulders and your neck to reduce any tightness.

I will then apply a facemask best suited to your skin, and while this is working its magic, give you a complementary hand or foot massage, inducing a really deep sense of relaxation.

I will then tone and moisturise your skin before finally applying a serum to finish the treatment.

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Whether you are looking for fingers or toes, I can help you out with a variety of treatments.

SOS Manicure I put this treatment together as I was seeing so many clients who’s nails have been damaged by long term use of acrylic nails. It works alongside a new OPI treatment called “gel break” and is based on a traditional manicure.

Luxury Manicure I will soak your nails to soften your cuticles and then exfoliate your hands. This is followed by tidying your cuticles and cutting and shaping your nail. A gentle buff will clean the surface of your nails.

You will then receive a hand massage using a natural balm that will relax your hands and wrists and work over the joints in your fingers . I will then wrap your hands and put them in heated mittens for 10 minutes to absorb the balm. This part of the treatment is really great for anyone suffering with dry hands as the heat helps the skin to absorb all of the moisture.

Finally I will use the OPI system of oils and serums on your nails which leaves them with a very slight coloured sheen and looking a whole lot healthier.

Luxury Pedicure This treatment begins with a soak in a foot spa to soften the skin and the nails. I then exfoliate your feet to begin removing the dead skin cells.

Next I remove all of the dead and hard skin on your feet and cut and shape your toenails. I then tidy your cuticles.

Then I provide a lower leg and foot massage, to give the lymphatic system a boost and remove the tension from your ankles and feet. I work over some of the reflex points in your feet.

Finally I paint your toenails in a colour of your choice, leaving you with beautiful feet!

Nail art
I can also add flair to your fingers with nail art as an extra. The simplest way to add a shot of personality to your beauty.

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