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Life after Lockdown

Hello everyone and welcome to my website!!

I hope that everyone is keeping well and staying safe!!

So it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel!! If everything in the Covid world continues to progress I should be open for business in 31 days, on Tuesday 13th April. I am so looking forward to having everyone back. If someone had offered me nearly 4 months off of work before this, I would probably have thought what a nice rest!! Never again!!

Except for our fabulous key workers, I expect that most of you have been spending large amounts of time at home. Hats off to all of you home schooling parents..... you deserve medals, especially if you have been trying to work yourselves. Luckily I'm at an age where my baby is nearly 22 and completely self motivated in her degree studies so I haven't had to contend with that.

Looking forward to life after lockdown, what has the last year taught you? Have you enjoyed the enforced time in your own homes or are you climbing the walls? For me I think that it has taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life and realise that the things that I thought were important, such as a new outfit for going out for dinner or the latest Mac lipstick really aren't. I have grown to love and appreciate the small things. A socially distanced walk with my best friend is the highlight of my week. I really love the one on one time that we get together and I treasure her company.

Another thing that I look forward to all week is my family Saturday movie night. Once a month we have a take away, the other weeks we have a fake away. I have made various dishes from mexican to tex mex. My husband comes off of call (he is a firefighter) at about six o clock and we all gather in the lounge around seven for an evening of eating, chatting and film watching. My daughter is currently chosing the films that we watch.... We are four films into the Star Wars series. I'd love to tell you all about them but to be honest I haven't got a clue what is going on most of the time!! However, this time is precious and is something that I will continue even when I can go out on a Saturday night.

Zoom calls with my parents, brother and sister are also lots of fun. My brother isn't local and I don't see him that often so its great to all have the loud banter that we would have round the table at a Sunday roast.

Have you got any new found habits that you want to continue once life goes back to "normal"? Have you realised that your life was really fast paced and chaotic before and you want to slow down or are you excited about going back to the hustle and bustle? Whatever it is I think that the last year has given us time to really appreciate what we have.

So whatever it is that you have or want, cherish it and I will see you on the other side......

With love,


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